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Coach-Erika-188x300For over 15 years Coach Erika has been pampering and indulging clients with an experience that keeps them coming back for more. Her experience and expertise is like no other in the industry today. She began her journey as a Nail Specialist; her determination to deliver exceptional service while catering to her clients’ needs made her challenge herself to continue expanding her knowledge and professionalism.

By becoming a full specialist she was able to cater to her clients skincare concerns and needs as well as enhancing their manicures and pedicures experience. Her passion to pamper and educate her clients on how to create a healthy beauty regime while indulging them with an experience that is personal and customized. Coach Erika’s creative mind drives her to innovate and provide high quality service with the Best products available today. Since getting her Skincare license she has continued to expand her services by becoming an eyelash extensionist, Spray Tanning Professional, Life Coach, Make-up Artist, Body treatments and more.

She will continue to grow and expand her knowledge in this growing industry to always provide services that deliver results. She is a seeker of all things brave and her wish for you is that you always know love, that it be the answer to your deepest questions . . . that you dare to take risks and reach for the best parts of yourself always. That’s how you find your way with kindness and faith.

Coach Erika Beauty Studio is a beauty studio that offers many regimen that most women wants to indulge in. The main focus of the Coach Erika Beauty Studio is to provide Fort Lauderdale, a great service to women throughout the community who deserves to look their very best. Other than the usual things that women performs daily in order to enhance and keep their beauty, they are also taking the extra time to pamper both their hands and feet.

These two essential parts of the body are the ones that are constantly being used every day both in work and other daily chores. It is just proper that once in a while women must also spend some time to pamper these parts. One of the ways in which this can be done is to go to beauty salon that is offering complete beauty services including manicure and pedicure. Coach Erika Beauty Studio is a beauty salon that is offering that exact services. This beauty salon is considered as the one that offers the Fort Lauderdale, best nails services.

The services that are offered by the beauty salon includes classic manicure and pedicure, Spa manicure and pedicure, royal hand manicure and feet pedicure, and all types of waxing services. Coach Erika Beauty Studio together with Coach Erika’s team of professionals aims to provide always quality service by continually aiming on developing and expanding their knowledge about the services offered by them. Coach Erika Beauty Studio aims to provide a place for clients where they can freely relax and be pampered. It is offering Fort Lauderdale, best nails services. The beauty salon is based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

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