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Classic Manicure $16.00

Spa Manicure $25.00

Paraffin Manicure $30.00

Polish Change Hands $10.00

Gel Polish Manicure $40.00

Royal Hands Manicure $60.00

(includes hand microdermabrasion and hand mask)

Express Pedicure $25.00

Classic Pedicure $40.00

Spa Pedicure $50.00

Paraffin Pedicure $55.00

Hot Stone Pedicure $65.00

Gel Polish Pedicure $60.00

Royal Feet Pedicure $75.00

(includes foot peel and foot mask)

Polish Change Toes $15.00

Brow Wax $18.00

Lip Wax $10.00

Chin Wax $10.00

Lip & Chin Wax $18.00

Full Face Wax (No Brows) $35.00

Full Face Back (With Brows) $50.00

Half Arm Wax $25.00

Full Arm Wax $35.00

Underarm Wax $20.00

Bikini Wax $25.00

French Bikini Wax $40.00

Brazilian Wax $60.00

Half Leg Wax $35.00

Full Leg Wax $55.00

Chest Wax $35.00

Half Back Wax $30.00

Full Back Wax $50.00

Pink Full Set $50.00

Pink Fills $30.00

Pink and White Full Set $65.00

Pink and White Fills $40.00

Teen Facial $60.00

Mini Facial $60.00

Weekend Glow Facial $70.00

Back Facial $75.00

European Facial $75.00

Oxygen Facial $100.00

Vitamin C Facial $100.00

Microdermabrasion Facial $120.00

Microdermabrasion Facial Plus Declate $145.00

Microdermabrasion $80.00

(no facial)

Royal Face Facial $160.00

(Includes microdermabrasion with full declate, peel and mask)

10% Lactic Acid $60.00

20% Lactic Acid $60.00

35% Lactic Acid $60.00

10% Glycolic $60.00

20% Glycolic $60.00

Herbal Enzyme Peel $60.00

Cranberry Peel $60.00

Pumpkin Peel $60.00

Noni Peel $60.00

Vitamin C Peel $60.00

Single Tan $40.00

4 Spray Tans $120.00, Saving $40.00

10 Spray Tans $250.00, Saving $150.00

Swedish Massage

A relaxing soothing massage that uses soft tissue techniques to promote a state of well being. A general all over body massage that focuses on stress reduction.
50 mins $75.00 80 mins $110.00

Therapeutic Massage

Deep pressure massage that focuses on diminishing pain. Targets tight muscle, tendons, ligaments and connective tissue using various techniques to release chronic muscle tension. This is an invigorating massage!
50 mins $90.00 80 mins $130.00

Table-Top Thai Massage

Want the traditional Thai without the mat on the floor? Then you will LOVE this Thai massage is performed on a massage table! Also requires client to be dressed comfortably.
50 mins $90.00 80 mins $130.00

Swe-Thai Massage

A unique style of massage that combines ancient eastern knowledge of a highly revered form of medical massage and the western knowledge of specific and advanced soft tissue therapy.
50 mins $90.00 80 mins $130.00

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

A structured specific massage that focuses on increasing the lymphatic flow using gentle rhythmic pressure with soft stretching of the skin in the direction of the lymph nodes. This helps deliver cellular waste, viruses and bacteria. It improves metabolism and boosts the immune system.
50 mins $100.00

“It’s A Wonderful Life” Massage

Create your own massage! Choose 2 of our massage styles and 2 of our add-ons with your massage!
50 mins $110.00 80 mins $150.00

Traditional Thai Massage

An ancient healing art tracing back 2,500 years; It uses passive yoga style stretches and acupressure. This style presses along meridian lines to help eliminate various disorders of the body. All performed while client is dressed in loose yet comfortable clothing while on a mat.
80 mins $130.00 110 mins $180.00

Massage Add-Ons

Hot Stones $10.00
Aromatherapy $15.00
“Sinus Relief” Hot & Cold Stones $15.00
“Migraine Relief” Cold Stones $10.00
Cupping $15.00
Paraffin Treatment $10.00
Dry Brushing $10.00
Hand & Foot Mask $15.00
Thai Reflexology $1.00 per min
Temporary Eyelash Flares
(Guaranteed to last 2 weeks)
Full-set Eyelash Extensions
Eyelash Extension Fills
$75 and up